Education is light, showing me how to build my future and pursue my goals


We celebrate the incredible courage and determination of millions of special need children from vulnerable backgrounds, who will do almost anything to get an education. We thank the teachers and community activists in our movement, who step up to address their unique challenges. Together let’s make sure that every child counts.

I’m 15 years old. My favorite subject is English because my English teacher is disability friendly, but I also love Kiswahili, math and social studies.

Education is so important to me because it enables me to gain knowledge and discover new things. There’s a huge difference between those who have been educated and those who have not. For me, education is a light, showing me how to build my future and pursue my goals.

My journey in education has not been an easy one, because I was born with cerebral palsy .At my early years , my parent were convinced that I would not be able to go to school and learn like other children ,until  teacher Lilly convinced my mother to allow me join Little Rock.

At Little Rock, I received specialized care and occupation therapy sessions, which allowed me to cope with my studies and play with my friends in the playground. The environment at Little Rock was also very friendly. I would move around on my wheel chair and really liked my teachers.

After my basic learning, Little Rock supported my transition to public primary school .Upon arrival I was bullied daily and received a lot of ridicule and isolation from staff and fellow students alike. Life was very different from what I was used to at Little Rock. I wanted to go back to my old school.

Hearing of my distress, Madame Lilly, my Teacher Mentor, came to comfort me. She would constantly check on me and encourage me to continue with my education, Little Rock even brought a program to my school that taught my teachers and fellow students to support children with disability. Now because of Little Rock my school has disability friendly teachers and learning materials. I even have a friend now who helps me take notes in class.

Life at my school is so much better than before. I now can study well and I prepare to sit for Kenya certificate for primary education next year. When I finish classes I return home, do my laundry, and prepare for classes and study. As I’m being supported and living well, all I have to do is concentrate on my studies. Success is now possible?—? huge success. Before, I was doing well in class, but now I’m in the top ten!

In the future, I want to be a lawyer to uplift the youth, children and people with disabilities, widows and especially orphans in my community. I have joined the local Youth Parliament, and sit on the children’s senate, where we meet with government officials to convince them to change policies and practices in Kenya in favor of children with disability.

Girls with disability like melody face numerous challenges at school .A conducive learning environment couple with continuous support from mentor teacher provide a vital link ensure they access education.  When you support Little Rock, you help to create education opportunities that ensure they reach their full potential.


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Education is light, showing me how to build my future and pursue my goals

By Site Admin on 13-Apr-06 01:00. Comments 183813
we celebrate the incredible courage and determination of millions of girls from vulnerable backgrounds, who, like will do almost anything to get an education. And we thank the teachers and community activists in our movement, who step up to address their unique challenges.


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