Our Work

Since our inception in 2003, we have worked to transform the lives of children and young people living in urban slums through education and care. We have ensured children at their early years are reaching development milestones. Through occupation therapy and structural adjustment to learning environments, we give disabled children an inclusive opportunity to learn and participate in school life. Our work helps teenage mothers start afresh by providing dependable day care services. We mentor young achievers and provide scholarships and learning materials for continued education in primary, secondary and tertiary education .with our programs in nutrition and health outreach, we offer care and support to abandoned children and children infected by HIV and AIDS. Through our campaigns and advocacy, we seek to influence policy and perceptions at all levels especially for the inclusion of special need children in learning and community environments.

We pledge a special case for girls ensuring we eliminate barriers that still prevent them for accessing and staying in school. We work with HIV Infected to be moms as a strategic investment to end one of the greatest threats to children- pediatric AIDS. With the right programs in the right place, we involve key community groups and families to provide thriving environments for children. Our approach and work is driven by the voices of children and the young people who are the heart of what we do.

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