Your support can make a profound difference in the lives of the children at Little Rock Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre. By donating, you help us provide essential services and create a nurturing environment for underserved children in Kibera, including those with special needs.

How Your Donation Helps:

  • Educational Support: Provide learning materials, scholarships, and mentorship to help children succeed academically.
  • Healthcare Services: Ensure children receive medical care and nutritional support.
  • Inclusive Programs: Support the inclusion of special needs children through tailored programs and therapies.
  • Family Support: Strengthen families with resources and tools to create stable, supportive homes.
  • Community Outreach: Expand our reach to benefit more children through collaborations and partnerships.

Every contribution, no matter the size, helps us continue our mission of empowering children and fostering a brighter future. Thank you for your generosity and support.

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