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Little Rock Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre Intervenes in Early Childhood Education, for the Vulnerable and disabled Children in Kibera Slum. This is the largest slum in sub-Saharan Africa and most of the children have no access to a proper meal a day, Medical care, Education and other necessities. Little Rock begun in the year 2003, as an intervener in Inclusive Early childhood Education with an intention to Provide Kindergarten schooling for children ages 3-8yrs. The centre offers services to five groups of children, Orphans, Infected & affected by HIV, poor and special need children (physically disabled, deaf, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and mentally handicapped). 300 Children attend kindergarten and 389 have transitioned to primary school. They are at the centre from Monday to Saturday and among them 140 are special needs children. The children are taught and trained by 23 qualified early childhood & primary teachers and 20 caregivers.

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Featured programs

  • Inclusive Early Childhood Education
    Our core program’s goal is to ensure that all our children receive a holistic education, which includes promoting their social, emotional, and spiritual growth. Read more.
  • Therapy Sessions
    We offer therapeutic services to all our special needs children in the school. They receive occupational, physio, hydro, and speech therapy sessions according to their needs which are done from Monday to Friday. . Read more.
  • After School Program
    All Little Rock graduates benefit from a number of after school activities. We have the after school classes that begin at 4:30pm – 7 pm everyday from Monday to Saturday. The classes are held at Little Rock’s Library. . Read more.
  • Income Generating Activities
    To ensure sustainability of Little Rock’s activities and to empower the mothers of Little Rock, the management team has implemented a number of income generating activities such as weaving, tailoring, beading,.. Read more...

Our Global Giving Campaign

This Project is meant to furnish a Library with resources in Little Rock ECD Center in Kibera Kenya. The goal is to add resources in the library and increase the ratio of books to child from 1:3 to 1:1. Resources available in the library currently are limited, from books to furniture to administration staff. The goal of this project is to create an environment in the school library that can provide and enable the children with resources that will help them expand their knowledge base.