Little Rock ECD Center a school that caters for vulnerable children with disabilities special needs in Kibera.
The School will be holding a fundraising campaign on the 4th of June to mobilize funds to help the school cater for the growing needs.

How to Support


Said Ramadhan and Jeremy have a condition and struggles to walk from home to school and back without the help of the grandmother. Many times he loses his way to get to school.

Make Said's life simpler through sponsoring a school van to transport Him and other children to school and back home safely.

Build a classroom for a special needs child

Little Rock has a goal to build 11 classrooms which will run up to class eight to meet the needs of the special children. You can help a child like Ishmael Kihima, 7, to fulfil his dream of continuing his education. Ishmael suffers from Spina Bifida and is one of many children who can only continue with His primary education with the building of a primary school at Little Rock.

Sponsor therapy equipment

Ground floor will have a resource Centre which will give the special need children an opportunity to participate in indoor sports.Hydro-therapy room will help the special need children to improve balance, posture and coordination. It builds endurance and muscles strength and cardiovascular fitness in the special need children. 

Sponsor a classroom

Little Rock is growing fast accommodating a new child almost everyday. We have a challenge getting enough learning materials for the children, educational toys and equipment for the special need child. Sponsor a child with learning material that is text books, story books, educational toys, therapy equipment cerebral palsy – chairs, trampolines and wheelchairs.

Sponsorship Breakdown

sponsorship Per 3months(Kshs) Per 6months (Kshs) Per year (Kshs) Per year in $
Sponsor therapy equipment 150,000 300,000 600,000 5,714
Sponsor a school van for special children - - 2 million 19,047
Sponsor learning materials/course books & story books 60,000 120,000 180,000 1,714
Sponsor a classroom 250,000 500,000 1 million 9,524
Build 11 classrooms @ Ksh. 67 million or USD $ 638,095

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